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Short Story | Women and The Obligation

Short story, women and the obligation: "Marriage" is one of the most obsessed and over-rated topics and yes, the center of most people's life. But for Laila, it was not the case. She had her own belief system, she had her own fantasies to full fill, her own aspiration but to the paradox, she got hitched first in her friend's circle. Everybody was taken aback when the news exploded that Laila was going to get married.

It is two years now, Laila and Rasheed are happily married. But Laila is completely a different person now. All she cares about is Rasheed, which is how it is supposed to be post marriage. But is it so?

Laila was a dancer, Laila was a role model for many of her friends and colleague. She was always dead sure what she wanted in life. Laila wanted to open her dance class and she was all set to get the certification. She had her auditorium location fixed, savings were all done. Her goals, targets, and plans were all set but soon everything faded out. She ga…
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Short Story | Be Your Happiness

Short story, be your happiness: Kiara was so happy about her upcoming Zumba classes. All the shopping was done. Everything was in order, right from her new shoe to her new hairband. All was set to groove into the Latin American music until her mobile beeped with a message Be prepared for an indefinite lockdown from Monday.

Coronavirus you have sucked all my happiness thought Kiara.

For my future reader, this is the time when the world is severely hit by the contagious pandemic coronavirus and the entire world is in a dire state. There is no well-proven medical treatment nor vaccines, lockdown is very common in almost all countries. People are dying and to worsen it some people are even committing suicide out of the fear of contracting it. The brighter side is you are here reading this article that means we have defeated the virus and probably a victory march had already taken place.

Kiara: Mom, did you hear the news?

Kiara's Mom: Yes, the situation is at its worse. The whole world …

Short Story | Society Not Ready

Short story, society not yet being ready:(10:30 pm, the doorbell rings)

Kiara: Who must be here at this point in time?

Kiara's Dad: Let me check.

Stranger: (surprised on seeing Kiara's Dad)Hi, I live next door. I am Piyush's friend. He was in need of some cash help but he is not answering my call. I called him several times. Kiara, can you please call and check if he picks your call?

Kiara: (shocked to hear his reason)It's quite late now. I will drop in a message and ask him to get back to you.

The man leaves.

Kiara's Dad: Who is Piyush?

Kiara: I seldom carpool with him to the office.

Kiara's Dad: Do you know this guy who came here?

Kiara: No and even Piyush is just an acquaintance. I just don't understand why he came here!

Kiara's Mom: It's all your fault, Kiara, why do you carpool with a stranger? You should have told that man that knocking someone's door at this hour is not a good manner. Our daughter stays alone, what if we were not here? 

Short Story | Modern Love

Short story, how has modern-day love evolved: Laila: I am getting bored a lot these days. It is just six months that Rasheed has moved to Italy. I feel I have nothing to do.

Laila's Sister: Try making new friends or finding your hobbies. It is the best time to discover yourself, make use of it. You cannot always be dependent on Rasheed for your happiness.

Laila: Friends in this office! You already know everything.

Laila's Sister: Still, I believe you should try to make friends in your workplace. You actually spend a major portion of your day there.

Laila: I have a good relationship with everybody there. But they are not friends. They judge me of things that I am not even guilty of. 

Laila's Sister: Okay, then what is the plan? Netflix all the time.

Laila: Tinder or something.

Laila's Sister: I hope you are aware that it is a dating app?

Laila: Yes, I am well aware.

Laila's Sister: Then, are you planning to dump Rasheed?

Laila: Hell No! I love him.

Laila's Siste…

Short Story | Money & The Guilt

Short story, the guilt money brings along: "The dates are finalized. 22nd November I am going to be taken finally. Save the date darling!"

"I am so happy for you Nandani. Finally happy forever with him!"


"But there is a problem with the date."

"Priyanka please!"

"Gaurav is coming to India for some business work and I am afraid that the days might coincide."

"What a piece of bad luck. I will really respect your decision but I badly want you by my side. But I even understand what you guys are going through."

Gaurav and Priyanka recently got married but career had cost them their relationship. Gaurav soon post-marriage shifted to USA because of the golden job opportunity. It is when couples are in their honeymoon phase, Gaurav and Priyanka were in long distance. It was after almost a year that Gaurav was coming to India and Nandani would completely understand if Priyanka would have canceled her plan to her weddi…

Short Story | Caught Red Handed

Short story, getting caught red-handed:Do you and Anchit have phone sex?

Avantika couldn't stop blushing, she was all red.

Common, you can tell me.

Obviously yes. What do you expect us to talk about every day till three o'clock in the morning?

Even I want to do it.

What? With Whom? Akshay?

Yes. We have been talking for weeks and yesterday he kinda started it. But I sucked. It was so unexpected and I froze and I spoiled it. I tried but I couldn't say anything. I am so new to this.

Maybe you shouldn't.

Look, I don't want to lose him. If he wants it, he will get it. You should help me, what kinda friend are you?

Okay, let me think how can I help you.

No wonder Avantika and Kiara were having this discussion in their Chemistry class. Avantika and Kiara were bench partners and best friends and their love for each other was ineffable.
Avantika would support all the crazy ideas of Kiara just like the way she prepared the phone sex letter for her.

You just read it once and you are r…

Short Story | "Adult"eration

Short story, adulteration in adults: Shyna woke up with a heavy head and soon guilt added on to the heaviness after finding Rex lying next to her.

She soon left for the kitchen to help herself with lemon water to kill the hangover which had taken over.
A few moments later she found Rex lacing up his shoe. There was awkwardness in the room, Rex was not even looking at Shyna. Breaking the ice Shyna said,
"Rex, do you mind some lemon tea? You must as well have a heavy head?"

"Sorry I got to go, Ridhima must be waiting for me."

"No problem. See you tomorrow in the office."

"Ok bye."

"What a punk!"thought she.

Rex was Shyna's colleague. Both started working on a new project a few months back and yesterday it was the "The Day", their product finally went live. The whole team went all bonkers. The night was filled with wine, vodka, rum and whatever toxic was available in the city. It was the greatest party and why not, finally e…

Short Story | Informed yet Ignorant

Short story, being informed yet ignorant:Darling, its 24th of December, don't forget to hang your socks before midnight.

Yes Daddy, tomorrow it's Christmas! What will Santa bring this time for me?

Whatever you wish for, sweetheart.

Daddy, I want loads of candies and games.

Whatever fits in the socks, darling.

Kiara smiled on the 24th evening reminiscing the good old simple days. It was Christmas eve, the holiday time, Kiara was enjoying a beer with Neha.

Kiara: Neha, Dad never let me stop believing in Santa. I used to fight with my friends that Santa and angels do exist. Now I know it was him.

Neha: Somebody is nostalgic. Is the beer already talking?

Kiara: Shut up! When I was young and then there were days when I was too tired to pack my school bag or polish my shoes I would make faces in front of Dad. He would understand and would smile and say,
                "Kiara, before going to bed pray to your angel and ask her to polish your shoe this time and tell her that you are…

Short Story | Standing Against All Odds

Short story, standing against all odds holding onto the only ray of hope:This is just a phase and we will get through this.
Piyali's constant thought in the past six months. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second was a struggle for her. It was not easy to end a two-year relationship. She has often heard people say that every relationship goes through a hard time and once you are pass through it you end up being forever together. This belief was her only hope that promised her happiness.

It was late at night, Piyali was wondering if Akshay would pick her call. Unanswered calls were something that she had become accustomed to. Piyali decided that she would text instead to save the tiny little self-respect she was holding onto these days.

"You don't come to meet me these days. I miss you!"

To her shock, Akshay replied within seconds.

"I miss you too. You know how messed up situations are here."

"I know, but you don't call nor do you come to…

Short Story | From Loving Independence to Loving Dependence

Short story, from loving independence to loving dependence:Neha: What's wrong? Sahana: Ankita met with an accident! Booking tonight tickets to Hyderabad. Neha: I will travel along. Don't worry I am there, we will go together. Sahana: I love you.
Neha and Sahana were best friends like girlfriends kind of friends(Two girls are never BFFs unless they are or were rumored to be lesbians).
Neha had a hell lot of experience with guys and guys with Neha, but now she had finally settled with the love of her life. Neha was a bold independent woman who always stood by her beliefs, at least Sahana thought it to be so. So her coming along with Sahana to Hyderabad was so very Neha thing. No wonder Neha loved Sahana. Neha's parent unlike her and like all other parents wanted things to be more planned so this sudden unplanned trip was not welcomed.
Neha's Mom: I just don't approve of you going to Hyderabad. Neha: I don't see any problem, Sahana needs me. How do you expect her to trave…